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* Kel-Tec pics * New Owner Info * P-40 Mag Ext * Assembly Pin *
* New Trigger info * Trigger stop * Trigger smoothing * P-32/P-3AT Trigger shoe *
* Slide Burr * 32 acp Rim Lock * Metal Guide Rod * Trigger Scale *
* Slide Locking Back? * Gun Control Pics * Snap Caps * Gun Links *
* Disassembly * Pre-Travel Stop * Trigger Pull * S&W 12 round mags *
* Guide Rod Slipped Back? * Trigger mods * Holster info * Comics *
* Drop Test * Flyer Wire * FMJ vs HP * Accuracy Hints * Grip Info *
* Problem Cause Solution * New Gun Prep * Hard Chrome * Mag Info *
* Spring Info * Slide Melting * Internal Trigger Stop * P-3AT Finger Extensions *
* Diagnosing Function Problems * Extractor Mod * P-11 Trigger Shoe *
* Hand-All Jr * +1 Mag Ext * Trigger Pin * FTE's/FTF's * Shipping * Changing Grip *
* P-40 & 180gr * Eraser Trigger Stop * Slide Stop * Mag Well Mod * Finger Groove *
* P-32/P-3AT Smileys * P-Sight * Shortening the P-3AT FP * MagSafe in the P-3AT *
* su-16 pin * su-16 Follower * su-16 Sling * Sub2000 Dissassembly *

* Ruger Stuff *

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"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity."
Sigmund Freud
General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Warning and Disclaimer: Make sure that the firearm is unloaded before going further. Also, be aware that if you modify firearms from factory stock, you may void any warranty (although Kel-Tec still honors it in most cases).

Important: NEVER, EVER HAVE LIVE AMMO of the caliber of the firearm you are working on IN THE SAME ROOM. Only inert "Dummy" rounds, or "Snap-Caps" should be allowed in your work area. Be SAFE.

Make sure that the firearm is unloaded before doing any work.

By modifing firearms, you are accepting personal responsiblity for any damage to the firearms and/or property. In addition, you agree to be responsible for making sure that the firearm passes all safety checks after modification. If you do not feel competent to make such checks, do not attempt modifications.

Any instructions or information on this site is for informational purposes only, and by viewing any of these pages you agree to not hold me or anyone connected with this site responsible for carrying out these instructions. I am not a lawyer or gun smith, these pages are just sharing my experiences and opinions.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail me here,
but put something related to your question in the subject so I don't delete it as spam.