Some links I have found to be usefull for my Guns:

Back to Kel-Tec stuff

the Kel-Tec owners group. Bulletin Board

Kel-Tec Range Bulletin Board

The Kel-Tec home page

KT parts and accessories

Rear sight for the P-32/P-3AT

The High Road (TFL successor)

Gun Talk Bulletin Board


The Firing Line Bulletin Board

Ruger MarkII & 22/45 Forum old board

Ruger Forum

Rim Fire Central Bulletin Board

Lots of good gun related info

Wolf gun springs
I am using the 18Lb recoil springs in the p-11,
the 5% extra power mag springs for my S&W 15 round mags,
and 11 Lb recoil springs in my p-32

Brownells online Catalog


Galati International

Hogue grips (source of the Handall-Jr)

Miltec-1 synthetic lubricant

A-Zoom Snap Caps

On Target Guns (where I got parts for my Ruger MKII)

Jack Fuselier's slide plating offer

CDNN Firearm accsessories (great for Magazines)

Add on parts for my MKII

basicaly ebay for fire arms

KTOG member who has a lot of p-32 and p-11 data including his own F&B and Gelatine tests

ammo source

CLPW Leather (Where I got some small leather pieces)

Bright Sights paint (can be bought here)

custom sight channel

The A-Grip

where I ordered my A-Grip from for my p-32

Dragunov Stocks

Guns are
useful tools with no will of their own
Guns are useful


K&D holsters (here is mine)

Knife and Gun's
(Kydex 12 X 12 inch sheets $4.00 including shipping)





Graham's Custom Gun Leather

Rusty Sherrick

Smart Carry

Hedley Hosters

Stellar Rigs

Blade Tech


Craft Holsters (does not look like they have Kel-Tec holsters though...)