SU-16 Pin

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Origonaly posted by StevenTapia on KTOG.

I made a pin to replace the take down pin on the SU-16. It started out as a D type latch pin. I changed the shape and length of the spring then shortened the pin so the ring snaps over the end. This makes for easy but secure storage and carry while making it easy to remove the pin. I also removed the outer most screw and post on the but stock furthest away from the rear sight. I then drilled out the hole to 1/4 inch. The latch pin now not only holds the rifle open, but it also keeps the rifle folded securely. I have had the rifle pop open from grabbing the but stock instead of the forearm. Never liked the idea of a friction fit latch. I liked the SUB-2000 style latch. I was going to use an ball detent latch pin and ring to make a take down pin, but this does both. Let me know what you all think.
Steven Tapia