Attaching The P-11 Trigger Shoe

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origonaly posted by Chan Bates on the KTOG message board.

From another thread we again approach the challenge of attaching the KT trigger shoe. Some thoughts, that have already been expressed to KT by letter and phone:

1. The attchment method supplied by KT does not work. Period. Here's why:

KT has put two very small set screws on the right side of the shoe. Even if you countersink the trigger so the screws will grab it better, and then Loctite the screw threads, the shoe is going to come off, because

For a right handed shooter, the trigger finger exerts torque on the trigger shoe in a left to right direction. This means that the left side of the trigger shoe wants to slide off the left side of the trigger, which it can do easily because there is nothing holding it there. Even applying various glues/cements may not work because there is not enough surface area to overcome the amount of torque applied over a few hundred trigger pulls, especially if you are yanking that sucker in rapid fire mode.

The last time I ordered trigger shoes I explained this to KT, and they seemed mildly interested. The statement was made that changing the trigger shoe would be a design change. Yes.

I suggested putting two more threaded set-screws on the left of each trigger shoe, or at least moving the two from the right to the left side to overcome the torque problem for right handed shooters. Of course, the torque would be opposite for the left handed shooters, so ideally KT should provide two set screws on each side.

I requested and received some extra set screws with my trigger shoes, and I had a local machine shop drill and tap the left side of each shoe ($10 ea.) for two more attachment points. The installs went fine with four countersunk trigger depressions, and in a few hundred rounds neither has come off. I do not expect they will.

I prefer to mount the trigger shoe permanently and open up the grip above the trigger for frame removal. However, I believe that with four set screws and a *minor* dab of Loctite (so it can be removed with that silly little weak "wrench") you could mount and remove the trigger when you needed.

Simple solution to an aggravating six year-old problem. DIY doubles the cost of the shoe, but it also means you won't have to worry about it or mess with it again. Worth it to me. CB3

I prefer to just permanently attach the trigger shoe to the trigger with JB Weld...