FMJ vs. HP in 32acp

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Here are a few of my thoughts about the FMJ vs. HP issue regarding the 32 acp round (more specifically, how it pertains to the P-32).

Going by GoldenLoki's geletin/chronograph tests, the 2 rounds I would consider are the Focchi 73gr FMJ and the Corbon 60gr HP. The Focchi because I can get it, it was the deepest penetrating round, and it reliable in my P-32. The Corbons because they are the only reliable expanding rounds tested in .32 acp, and because I can get them, and they have proven reliable in my P-32. Also many people on KTOG recommend both rounds....

There are many pros and cons of both types of rounds concerning the .32. Here are the ones I could come up with:



Deepest penetrating, this will increase you chances of hitting something vital (spine, heart...) especially if you have to go through something else first (like an arm), if you live in a cold climate and are likely to run into a heavily clothed bad guy, must take a side shot, or meet up with an unusually large bad guy.
Very little risk of rim lock
More likely to deflect from a bone and keep going (good, when say the bone is a rib, or arm)


The shape of the round, while allowing it to penetrate further, mostly only pushes tissue to the side, allowing it to spring back into place. It may only actually damage the tissue area of a much smaller diameter than that of the round, making the result more of an ice pick wound.
More likely to deflect from a bone and keep going (bad when it is the scull and it does not penetrate upon an angled impact).



The flatter shape of the nose of the round (even if it does not expand) will more likely damage a larger diameter of tissue as it travels through the body (more crushed tissue, less pushed out of the way).
More likely to "catch a bite" on an angled hit with bone and cause more damage (like on an angled scull shot)


The possibility of Rim Lock although this has been virtually eliminated by the Flyer Wire.
Less penetration. Many have said that you need 13-15 inches of penetration to consider a round for self defense. If a HP round opens you will likely get no more than 8-9 inches.
More likely to "catch a bite" on an angled hit with bone and stop the round (which would be bad if you hit the arm bone and were trying to shoot through it).
Possibility of clogging with clothing causing it not to open effectively giving you a shallow penetrating fmj (the worst of both worlds).

Hopefully some of this info will at least allow you to make an informed decision about your carry round for your P-32.