Mag Well Mod

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origonaly posted by gbundersea on the KTOG message board.

Forgive me if this is old news, but I searched and didn't see this posted anywhere before.

When I practiced doing fast reloads by feel, the mag would occasionally get hung up at the opening of the mag well. While this can happen if you have it greatly misaligned, it occurred too easily and frequently for this to be the cause. An examination revealed that the top lip of the magazine tube was catching on the small square edge of the polymer ridges which run up the interior of the magazine well.

Attached are pictures which show a quick and easy fix. Using an X-Acto knife, I simply beveled the ends of those ridges by removing a small amount of polymer, denoted by the red arrows. If you do this, do so carefully, and in the direction of the arrows. Cutting from the opposite direction makes it easy to slip and cut through the outer surface of the grip.

After doing this, the magazine slips in much easier than before when not perfectly straight, since instead of catching, the beveled surfaces help guide it into place.

(Note: The green arrow shows where I beveled the edge of the hammer spring catch in order to accommodate my new +1 mag extension I installed on my spare mag. This procedure is detailed here.)