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here is miy post on rc groups about my stealth, which shows the removeable bomb drop box and camera. (the camera i put in it is not avaliable anymore, but there are newer ones out that will work well)

how to get the plans:

build instructions:

the recommended motor (which does work very well):

an alternative motor and esc i have used:

and one of these batteries

this motor does draw more amps than the grayson one,so i have to use at least an 1800 mah battery with the cheaper motor, and even then they can be pushed to hard if you fly wide open. with the grayson, i can use 1500's (grayson motor pulls about 27 amps, hc motor pulls about 33). i use 6x4 apc props on both motors. i also had to reverse the shaft on the hc motor, but i also could have just mounted the motor differently. since the prop spins at a high rpm, i have to balance the props, or they will vibrate (and ruin the bearings on the motor).

for foam, servo and rc store info, see the general page

stealth gallery

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how to make money on amazon writing

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