General RC stuff

I have found a lot of great prices on this site, Hobby City. they are in Hong Kong, so shipping can take a while, but even with the shipping prices, they are still very cheap. I will caution you though, that sometimes the items are only of average quality. I have gotten a few things that did not work (they were to cheap to be worth shipping back), but am not to upset with the amout of money I have saved in the long run.

In general, I get cheap servos, heat shrink, chargers, batteries, motors & esc's. If I need high quality parts, I generally will look elsewhere, but for small foamies, these are of good enough quality. For example, here are some cheap servos I use on my foamies (I would not use them on something that needed better centering and precision, like a heli or something):
9 gr servo
5 gr servo
replacement gear sets (which I have never had to use yet)
5 gr

A couple of cheap 4 cell chargers:
a little bit better charger (more options, up to 6 cells)

12 V power supply suitable for the chargers

Depron foam sheets I get here, rc Flat sheets of foam is what I use to build many things, 2mm, 3mm and 6mm are what I commonly use. Here are a couple more places I came across:
Grayson hobby
Foamy Depot

RC groups is a forum board that has a LOT of information on it, and where I learned a lot. For example here is a list of free plans you can download and make, mostly from flat depron foam.

And some other places I have bought stuff from:

Also don't forget that anyone starting out should have a Flight sim. I mostly use the free one, it is decent and still good practice:
You will need an adapter to plug into the trainer port on your controller (I have used futaba, and spektrum controllers with this). I got one for around $10 from ebay.

This is a really nice one that comes with a controller to use (just for the sim), but is not free:
Real Flight