Sold - 1982 Corvette for sale 14K - Sold

This is a nice driver 1982 corvette, the last of the C3's. I got this and updated it a bit for my wife to drive, then it turns out she does not really like driving a classic car! (just not the same as a newer car)

Here is what I have done to the car:

I installed a Holley sniper fuel injection system, made to bolt onto a carbureted car. This car WAS built fuel injected, but it was the crossfire (nicknamed misfire) system. It was low pressure (13psi) only used 2 years by GM, and not many people know how to mess with them, and there are virtually no upgrades. So I took that off (I have all of it in a box) and bolted on the sniper system. I did not alter anything (including the harness) so it can be put back to stock of anyone ever cares. I was able to unplug the factory harness under the hood and access the wires I needed by connecting them to a new plug in that location. I also had to upgrade the in tank pump to a new high pressure one, and replaced all the soft lines with high pressure fuel injection lines. Car starts right up and idles great now, and looks carbureted under the hood. I had to remove the stock intake (it sucked anyway) and added an aluminum carbureted style intake, so I could use the sniper system.

Motor and power steering don't leak any oil, they did and all those have been fixed. Transmission was JUST rebuilt, I have the paperwork on that.

If you are comparing to other cars, keep in mind that if these things have not been done recently on another car, they will likely need to be SOON or are not done.

These are all things I just did:

Back up camera in the rear view mirror
AC works and blows cold
Power remote door locks
Rebuilt the headlight tilt vacuum actuators (headlights go up and down as they should)
All new bushings are polyurethane (stock rubber ones were worn out)
New soft trany lines
4 New shocks
Front control arm bushings
Front ball joints
A-arms media blasted and painted while they were out
All steering end links
Sway bar bushings and end links
New power steering hoses
New power steering hydraulic ram
Front main seal
Rear main seal
High volume oil pump
Metal sleeved oil pump shaft
New oil pan gasket
Rear spring mount bushings
Diff support bushings
Rear Strut rod bushings
Valve cover gaskets
Fuel filter
New door seals (also have a new spare set of T-top seals)
Fresh transmission rebuild
New tires
Wiring to control converter lock up (since this was controlled by the stock ECU which is not used anymore)
Painted the rims
Replace/upgraded AC blower motor

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