Ultimate Cliploader

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Can be purchased all of these places for $29.95 (last I checked) + shipping:
3 http://www.klomont.com/new_product.htm (bottom)
? http://www.arms-ordnance.com/ultimatecliploader.html
3 http://www.buffertech.com/aspcart/default.asp?start=1&page=306
? http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=11&products_id=327
? http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=766060A&chrSuperSKU=766060
8 http://www.wholesalehunter.com/product/armsordinance/armsdes/ClipLoader.htm

This place, Zaliznock Industries, was brought to my attention that is a bit cheaper ($21.95 plus shipping, $4.95 I think):

Another place that was found was Gamaliel Shooting Supply for $21.95 + shipping (which one person told me came to $7.31).

It can also sometimes be found on Gun Broker for around $20.00.

I got it for Christmas and love it. I was of course a bit sceptical of how easily it would really load, but it really is just dump in rounds, shake around a bit, and insert a clip!! Now of course it does not always load perfect, and sometimes takes a couple of "bumps" of the mag to fully load it, but still even with having to sometimes pump the mag a little a couple of times, it is still only like 4 seconds and much faster than any other loading method I have seen.

For another review look here:

For a slightly cheaper alternative you can get a thumb saver:

They can be found here at Numrich. These are ok, but frankly I have not touched mine since I got the clip loader....