Ruger MKII Parts:

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Part Number Part Name Part Number Part Name
XR07600 Front Sight set screw KA20100 Main Spring
A03602 Front Sight A04100 Detent ball
A01501 Front Sight A02602 Housing latch pivit pin
A01500 Front Sight A03000 Magazine catch spring
A02606 Front Sight Pin A00501 Magazine catch
A06000 Rear Sight M10 Magazine assembly
A15901-100 Rear Sight assembly A02601 Magazine catch pins
KA-57 Recoil spring and guide assembly A04600 Bolt Stop Plunger Spring
KA01300 Firing pin A04300 Bolt Stop Plunger
A20000 Rebound Spring (firing pin spring) KA04200 Trigger pivot retainer
A03900 Rebound Spring support A02508 Trigger Spring Plunger
A03500 Firing Pin Stop A20400 Trigger spring
KA02200 Extractor A01200 Trigger
KA02510 Extractor plunger A01201 Target Trigger
KA20300 Extractor spring KA05800 Trigger Over travel set screw
A02101 Bolt AN-37 Bolt Stop assembly
A01800 Hammer KA011 Disconnector
A02505 Hammer Bushing A04700 Bolt stop Thumbpiece(lever)
A01000 Hammer strut A01901 Sear
A04900 Hammer strut pin A03100 Sear Spring
A03400 trigger Pin (trigger axis) A02601 Sear Pivot
AN-53 Safety catch A02603 Sear spring Stop pin
A00100 Bolt stop pin A02605 Hammer Pivot
A02602 Bolt stop pivot pin AN-54000 Frame
A00900 Main Spring housing A00800-100 grip panel
A00700 Housing latch A02503 Grip screws
KA02509 Main Spring Plunger

And here is a short description of what each part does:

XR07600 Front Sight set screw
holds on the front site

KA20100 Main Spring
provides the spring tension that pushes the hammer forward to contact the FP when the pistol is fired.

A03602 Front Sight
used for aiming

A04100 Detent ball
ball at the bottom of the main spring that falls into a notch in the Housing latch pivot pin to keep the pin in the mainspring housing.

A01501 Front Sight
used for aiming

A02602 Housing latch pivot pin
holds in the main spring at the bottom, and allows the main spring latch to pivot

A01500 Front Sight
used for aiming

A03000 Magazine catch spring
applies spring pressure to the mag catch

A02606 Front Sight Pin
holds in the front site bade to the "band" around the barrel

A00501 Magazine catch
holds in the mags

A06000 Rear Sight
used for aiming

M10 Magazine assembly
holds rounds

A15901-100 Rear Sight assembly
used for aiming

A02601 Magazine catch pins
one holds in the mag catch and the other provides a stop to limit the mag catches rotation on the first pin.

KA-57 Recoil spring and guide assembly
provides forward spring pressure to the bolt, and is what pushes the bolt back forward to load the next round, after ejecting the previous round (or just chambering a round from the mag)

A04600 Bolt Stop Plunger Spring
provides light spring pressure keeping the bolt stop down away from the bolt (if the bolt stop is allowed to move up it will lock the bolt back when the bolt travels to the rear)

KA01300 Firing pin
is struck by the hammer, and in turn strikes the primer of a chambered round to ignite it.

A04300 Bolt Stop Plunger
the piece that connects the bolt stop plunger spring to the bolt stop, and applies the spring pressure to the bolt stop. Is needed to keep the spring lined up properly and to keep it from falling off the bolt stop.

A20000 Rebound Spring (firing pin spring)
keeps the FP at the rear of it's travel so that the hammer will make good contact with it, when it fires

KA04200 Trigger pivot retainer
spring that rests in a slot in the trigger pivot pin. The spring keeps the pin from being able to slide out

A03900 Rebound Spring support
keeps the Rebound Spring in place correctly

A02508 Trigger Spring Plunger
piece that contacts the disconnector and transfers the upward spring pressure of the Trigger spring to it. It also helps hold the Trigger spring correctly in the hole in the trigger

A03500 Firing Pin Stop
limits the movement of the firing pin both forward and backwards.

A20400 Trigger spring
applies upward pressure to the disconnector (so it will engage the sear correctly) and also provides the spring pressure to return the trigger to the forward position after firing.

KA02200 Extractor
grip the fired case by the rim, and pull it out of the chamber.

A01200 Trigger
the way the gun is fired. a Pull on the bottom of the trigger rotates it, and above the pivot point is connected to the disconector, which then moves the sear, and allows the hammer to fall (when cocked).

KA02510 Extractor plunger
keeps the extractor spring in place, and transfers the spring pressure to the extractor, to keep it in contact with the rim of the case for a good grip. The plunger is also grooved to hold in the rear of the extractor so it can not fall out.

A01201 Target Trigger
trigger with a built in over travel stop (not adjusted from the factory).

KA20300 Extractor spring
spring that puts pressure on the extractor to pivot it toward the rim and get a good grip on the case

KA05800 Trigger Over travel set screw
set screw that is adjusted to be the stop so that over travel is eliminated after the break of the trigger (helps with accuracy)

A02101 Bolt
absorbs some recoil by sliding back during firing. The rearward motion of the bolt extracts the case, ejects the case, then at the bolts most rearward position, it starts to move forward under the spring tension of the recoil spring to chamber a new round.

AN-37 Bolt Stop assembly
lever that fits into a notch in the bolt that will hold the bolt in the rear ward position if pushed up while the bolt is back

A01800 Hammer
the piece that is pushed by the main spring, to contact the FP which then ignites the primer.

KA011 Disconnector
piece that is directly connected to the trigger which allows the trigger to pull the sear away from the hammer, to allow the hammer to fall. It also must allow the hammer to be cocked again (that is for the sear to hold it back) while the trigger is still depressed (as recoil and the loading of the next round happens fast, an you will still have the trigger held back). Then when you let the trigger forward again, the trigger "resets" or the disconnector engages the sear again, and is ready to fire again.

A02505 Hammer Bushing
spacer for the hammer, and also limits the disconectors movements.

A04700 Bolt stop Thumbpiece(lever)
allows you to lock the bolt back by pulling the bolt back and pushing up on the bolt stop at the same time.

A01000 Hammer strut
the piece that pushes into the main spring housing (resting in the Main Spring Plunger) to transfer spring tension from the main spring to the hammer to rotate it forward and fire.

A01901 Sear
holds the hammer back when the hammer is rotated rearward.

A04900 Hammer strut pin
pin that holds in the hammer strut and allows the strut to pivot

A03100 Sear Spring
keeps slight spring pressure on the sear to keep it pressed against the hammer so that when the hammer is rotated rearward the sear will properly engage the hammer and keep it cocked.

A03400 trigger Pin (trigger axis)
pin on which the trigger rotates. Also holds in the trigger

A02601 Sear Pivot
pin that the sear pivots on, also holds in the sear

AN-53 Safety catch
the piece that allows you to engage the safety, also holds the sear when engaged so that it can not release the hammer

A02603 Sear spring Stop pin
pin that holds the other end of the sear spring (what the spring leverages against to put the pressure on the sear)

A00100 Bolt stop pin
limits the bolts movement. Also keeps the receiver from being able to be moved forward on the frame.

A02605 Hammer Pivot
pin that holds in the hammer (also the bolt stop safety, and goes through the disconnector) and is the axis the hammer pivots on

A02602 Bolt stop pivot pin
attaches the bolt stop to the main spring housing, and allows it to pivot

AN-54000 Frame
main grip area of the pistol...

A00900 Main Spring housing
holds the main spring

A00800-100 grip panel
changeable grips for better hold

A00700 Housing latch
latch that locks the mainspring into the grip.

A02503 Grip screws
holds the grips on to the frame

KA02509 Main Spring Plunger
keeps the main spring in the housing at the top, and gives the hammer strut a place to rest (a little bit of a cup to it) and transfers main spring tension to the hammer strut.

If I have left out any important functions of parts, or something is incorrect/unclear, or you would just like to add something please email me and I'll probably add it.