Blast Shield for 22/45 and Mark II:

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Purpose: Keeps the plunger area clean allowing for a consistent trigger pull.

1. Field strip weapon.
2. Using your favorite beverage can. Cut a strip .8” wide by 2.5” long.
3. Cut a whole the same size as the barrel hook on the grip frame approximately .5” from one end.
4. Lay the strip in the gun over the barrel hook.
5. Make an angled cut right behind the arm on the disconnector that rests on the trigger
plunger/spring approximately .25” or so it will clear the disconnector.
6. Make a similar cut on the other side, so it will clear the bolt release.
7. Place the small end in the trigger hole behind trigger on both 22/45’s and Mark II’s.
8. Insert magazine and pull trigger ensure there is no binding.
9. Assemble weapon as normal.
10. Trim end behind trigger so approximately .25” is visible.

Here is a link to another set of slightly modified instructions