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a few people have complained about the adoption application form, so i created this to explain the reasons for it, for those who take the time to read it.

first off, if you don抰 want to take the time to fill out the form, then we can only guess that you don抰 really want the animal that bad, and it will go to someone who does.

i hope i can skip contact info :)
     what types of animals you may be interested in
so we can keep your name on file, when things come in, and have a list of people to contact for that type of animal in the future.
     do you have any experience keeping reptiles? if yes, what specie(s) and how long? if you currently have reptiles attach photos of current enclosures.
we just want to get a feel for experience, sometimes these animals have not been taken care of well, and may have special needs, or at least someone who knows what to look for, if things start taking a bad turn. just because you have never kept a reptile before, does not mean you can抰 adopt one, it just may mean we won抰 try to give you one that needs special attention, and/or we may give you a bit more info on how to take care of it. as for the pictures, most people who really like keeping reptiles enjoy showing off what they have, and we like seeing them, those are the people we really like to see. it also gives us a general sense of how you are currently caring for what you have. if what you have is in horrible conditions, then we won抰 be likely to give you more. (this is not an inspection of your current animals, and these are never shared)
     do you own any animals other than reptiles (if yes provide specie(s))? what provisions are you making to keep your reptiles safe from them?
this one is more of a conversation starter, and something to make you think. we see many animals that were chewed on by dogs, sometimes ones that were other pets. we just want to make you think about this before it happens, and know that you have thought about it, that is all.
     do you own your home? if you rent, are you allowed to keep reptiles, build an outside enclosure or pond? if you rent, when your lease is up, how do you plan to take the reptiles with you?
this is often another conversation starter and reality check. someone renting (most of the time) should not get a 40 lb tortoise. even if you can have it, and can build an outside pen, renting the same place is not usually a long term situation, and these are long term pets. we are not saying it is not possible, but we want to know that some thought has been put into the long term care, and often these can get larger, and often should be kept outside.
     where do you plan to keep the reptile? inside / outside
pretty straight forward?/td>
     do you have a yard? yes / no if so, is it fenced? yes / no
if something is kept outside, it is better to have a fenced yard, even if kept in a smaller outside enclosure, this helps keep people from taking things, and some predators out of the yard.
     have you ever adopted any reptiles from another rescue? if so, which rescue, when, specie(s), and do you still currently own that pet?
just making sure if you adopted something else, that you still have it, we are really trying to find long term homes.
     do you currently have a reptile vet you use? yes / no if so, who (name address & phone number)?
again, a conversation starter, and something to make you think, and let us know you have thought about it.
again, a conversation starter, and something to make you think, and let us know you have thought about it.
     do you have children? if so what are the age(s)?
this is really just to see if there are small children around. if so, we will bring up the facts/myths about salmonella and probably not give you something that could be nippy or feisty.
     are you over the age of 18? yes / no
just making sure someone over 18 is applying (could be a parent)
yes, we would like to see pictures of where you plan on putting this animal. we would be happy to keep the animal, while you build/acquire one if needed (within reason) but we just want to make sure you have something appropriate. we also don抰 want to see escaped pets, many people don抰 realize how strong tortoises are, or how well turtles climb for instance.
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