Losi Micro-t 1/36th scale Stadium Truck

These are the extras I put on it:
Push bumper
Wheelie bar, though I don't remember where I got it, but here is one like it
Wheel bearings
Threaded axles
Brushless motor, I got the one with the gear box so I would have the right mounting screws
.8mm connectors
Rigged motor mount plate for better cooling
Raminator monster truck tires
14 tooth motor gear
Losi 27MHZ receiver and 3 wire servo

To make the new motor fit I had to drill one small hole in the mount on the car. I used that along with the stock slot for motor play adjustment. The only down side is that you can't get to the screw with the transmission gear on. I had to put the screw there though to make everything fit.

Now from a stop to about 1/4 trottle it will pull wheelies. It also has decent climbing power now, and can handle a bit of off roading. The stock set up was ok, but the wheels were small and got stuck, the bigger wheels just made the stock system over current to much with the lipo battery.

I did give up top speed by picking this motor, but got what I really wanted, more low end useable power, decent run times, a motor that does not overheat, no over current limiters kicking in!

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