Losi Micro Rock Crawler

I added bent lower links, remove the springs, real bead locks, a 2S lipo and wheel weights.

The outside wheel weights are 14mm washers, which are (I think) a bit better than the commonly used 3/8 washers. They are a closer match to the original plastic fake bead locks, and are a tad heavier. I also only had to clearance the front spindles for adding the weights to the inside, the backs cleared.

To get the holes right, I first trimmed off the nubs off the back of the plastic wheel locks, so they would be flat. Then taped them to a washer, so they would not move. Then used an awl to make a small dent in the center of each hole. I used a 1/16" drill bit to drill out each hole. When drilling, at first hold the washer loosely and let the bit move the washer to center itself on the hole, then hold it down tightly to finish drilling the hole. Do this for all 6 holes on each washer. Remove the tape and lay the washer so that the end that was NOT touching the plastic bead locks is face up. Use a 1/8 drill bit to go about 1/2 way through the washer. At least enough to cover the head of the mounting screw, use one as a reference. When all are counter sunk, then drill out all holes again with the 1/16 bit, and use this bit to open the hole, just a little (this gives you a little bit of room for error).

For the wheel locks, I got some 1" sch 40 pvc, and cut it to be just a tad wider than the lip of a rim. Not the outside width of the rim, just the width of the lip that the tire rests on. The rim will almost fit inside the pvc, it will just take a little bit of hand sanding around the rim to make it fit. Now when I put on my washer/weight/wheel locks, they really hold on the tires. I do not use any glue.

I added strips of lead to the center of each rim, as much as I could fit to make it flush with the widest diameter of the rim (where I slid the pvc over).

I added, just a little strip of really soft memory foam I had from a pillow that was too soft.