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here is a post of mine on rc groups with some info on it.

i picked up a corsair in pieces a while ago right before they dried up. (i could not find a whole one in stock), i finally got around to putting it together. now gravity hobby is carrying this same plane (made from the same molds) even cheaper!! so these can be built up again.

6a esc (heat shrink removed, wires shortened)
10 gr hc motor with a 6x3 gws prop
6300 receiver
3 x 4.4 gr servos
the bell crank from a parkzone sukhoi
360 2s 15c battery

i cut out the forward snap mount and that is where i put the rudder and elevator servo, and used thin carbon fiber for the control rods, and part of the rods have guide tubes to keep them from flexing.

for ailerons, they are mostly torque tubes, but since i had to follow the curve of the wings i had to use a thin wire for this, which make the ailerons kinda sloppy and not have a whole lot of movement, but still enough to do lazy rolls, and bank for turns. i have the rudder coupled with the ailerons, which end up giving pretty decent turn response.

i added a small piece of thin plywood on the front of the wing saddle on the body with a hole drilled in it. then put some carbon fiber rod in the wing which fits in this whole. i used part of the snap to attach a magnet to the body on a post, which fits into the rear hole in the wing, which i mounted another magnet in. (the post keeps the wing from moving side to side)

it ended up being 118 grams flying weight.

gallery for my corsair

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