My Version of an Indoor BUG

Here is a long post on RC groups dedicated to the Light Flight BUG. I got the idea to make this mainly from that design, and the Park Zone Vapor. After I was already done, I found that what I created was similar to the I.F.O

I wanted something that floated around and could fly in a room, like the vapor, but had roll control as well as rudder and elevator. What I ended up with is pretty durrable, because of its flexability, and light weight.

Here are the parts I used:
9gr motor
6 amp ESC (Could have gone smaller, but I did not have one that worked with 2S)
AR6400 receiver
1.5 gr linear servo
180 mAh 2s 15C battery
4.5X3 GWS prop, I may also try a 5X3 to get a bit more air over the control surfaces when flying slow.

After some testing, the plastic coating was a little too flexible, and the frame flexed a bit much to. So I added the front to rear spars on each side, and taped it to the plastic, which helped both things.

Also the plastic coated control surfaces were too flexible also, so I replaced them with 2mm surfaces.

I also moved the receiver up, so that the rudder servo and control rod was above the wing, this put the 2 elevon servos at about the same height (before when they were at different heights, the movement was not even).

I added some epp foam bocks behind the motor mount, as after a few nose in landings it was loose, this helps significantly.

Gallery for my version of a Bug