D1SC procharged LS1 motor info
ls1 block from 98 Z28 camaro
stock LS1 crank
Callies H beam connecting rods
Manley pistons
TFS-3061T001-C01 215 Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads
64cc CNC Chambers
Intake Runner Volume (cc):215cc
Exhaust Runner Volume (cc):80cc
Intake Valve Diameter (in):2.040 in.
Exhaust Valve Diameter (in.):1.575 in.
Blower cam comp cams 54-477-11
Advertised Duration: 277 int./293 exh.
Duration at 050 inch Lift:227 int./243 exh.
Valve Lift: 0.614 int./0.624 exh.
Lobe Separation: 114
lsxr 102 intake 146302B
fast 102 TB (DBC)
ls2 85lb injector clinic injector set
Injector Data
Injector Cylinder
BRISK GR14S plugs, gaped to .028"
I THINK they are these:
Part Number: ACD-12558948
but I don't see that number on the coils,
the numbers I see are
Walbro 450LPH pump E85 compatible F90000274
boost referencenced Aeromotive Universal Bypass Regulator with return
12615136 2 bar MAP Sensor
Blade style MAF with IAT mounted in 4" tube ACDelco 213-4222
411 ecu full number: 12200411
Innovate Motorsports 3795 DB BLUE Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge Kit includes LC-2 & Bosch LSU 4.9
Delphi CV10017 Idle Air Control Valve
d1sc procharger
4.25" 6 rib pulley
Treadstone intercooler TRE TRV25-S
Core Size 25.00" X 6.00" X 3.50"
3.00" Inlet/Outlet
92-93 pump gas
160 thermostat (recomended by pro charger)
Griffin Aluminum cross flow Radiator
overall: 24" X 15.5" X 3"
core: 15.5" X 19" X 2.68
1 1/4" tubes
dual fans from 2006 Ford Focus
controlled by ECU
tick performance t56 magnum wide ratio
2.97 first & .50 6th
4.11 rear gears
Nitto NT555 G2 245/45ZR18
26.65" diamater